Vivian Vande Velde's Frogged Character Analysis

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Imagine that you are a troubled princess, lying on your back in the swamp, when you meet a talking frog who claims to be a prince from a faraway kingdom. He says that he has been cursed, and the only way to break the spell was if somebody kisses him. You pity the poor prince, so you lean in, kiss the frog, and in seconds you become a frog yourself! The “prince,” a dirty villager boy, runs away cackling like a witch and leaves you stranded in the swamp. In Vivian Vande Velde’s novel, Frogged, a villager boy tricks Princess Imogene into becoming a frog, while trying to find help she was kidnapped by a runaway teenager and taken to a traveling theater. She was marveled at because she can talk, so the owner of the theater doesn’t let her go because…show more content…
Her behavior was unruly at times. “She suspected she was not as good as she could be, since parents, teachers, and assorted courtiers liked to point out that she was impatient, that she had a tendency to daydream, and that she was prone to ask ‘Why?’ a bit more often, apparently, then was appropriate” (1, 2). Imogene also talked very loud and said words like “Rats!” (11), that are not appropriate for a princess to say. She was also careless when she kissed Harry the frog. When Imogene was in the swamp, and she met Harry the frog, she didn’t even think about what could go wrong if she kissed him (22). The teenager also was careless with where she jumped. After she got turned into a frog, Harry ran away, and Imogene went out to find the witch to reverse the spell. She jumped on a little girl’s foot, which made the girl scream and cry. “Not becoming froggy slick on the road would have been indisputably a good thing if only she hadn’t landed on the bare foot of the greengrocer’s daughter...” (38). The little girl kicked her off of her foot, and Imogene landed on a cat. “The really bad news was that the soft, furry thing she’d landed on was a big orange cat” (38). Imogene was careless, but her kindness to others made up for
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