Vivien Leigh

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Entertainment flourished throughout the 1930s because of magnificent films and impressive, renowned actors and actresses. One of these actresses who had an impact on entertainment was Vivien Leigh. She lived her whole life pursuing her dream of performing and acting. During the 1930s, this small ,British actress thrived , starring in various movies; her most memorable role was Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone With the Wind.” Although Scarlett O’Hara was her most popular character portrayal, she starred in several films in different roles. Although her life was full of being on the “big screen” her life was a series of ups and downs. Although she faced challenges throughout her career it did not stop her from doing what she loved. Vivien Leigh will always be remembered for her awe-inspiring roles throughout…show more content…
“She was born to her lovely parents, Gertrude Robinson Yackje and Ernest Hartley”( Her father was an English stock clerk and her mother was an Irish housewife. Her two parents fell madly in love in Bridlington, Yorkshire during the year of 1911 and got married in the fall of that year. “Only a month later they decided to move to India, where her father became an exceptional polo player and her mother fell in love with gardening”(Edwards 18). Only a couple months before Vivien was born her parents bought a house in Darjeeling, near the Himalayas. Soon Vivien Leigh was born, she was a beautiful and perfect baby (Edwards 22). They had no more children after Vivien so she was an only child. Vivien’s mother had put her on the stage and encourage her acting career since she was three years old. Then she was put in her mother’s theatre group while her father fought in the war as part of the English Army. Both of her parents were in ametur theatre groups, performing and acting which gave Vivien her love for entertainment and dreaming of becoming an
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