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-Vivien Leigh was born November 5, 1913, in the city of Darjeeling, India. A daughter of an English stockbroker and an Irish mother. The family rebounded to England as Vivien turned six years old. A year afterwards, the premature Vivien Leigh came forward to her classmate Maureen O’Sullivan that she will be famous, but so soon that anyone would have known about her bright future. As a teenager, she went to schools, in England, Germany, Italy and France. She had displayed excellence, and superiority in both French, and Italian. Moved on her life to studying at the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Acts. By the age of the 19 she temporarily froze her career, for she married a lawyer named Leigh Holman and gave birth to her daughter, Suzanne Farrington.…show more content…
Vivien Leigh used her husband’s name to aggrandize her stage name. Vivien Leigh made her first public appearance in 1935. She flowered in the play “The Bash”. Despite the fact it wasn't exceptionally fruitful, acquiesced Leigh to make an impression on the producer, Sydney Carroll. Sydney Carrol soon situated Vivien in her first London play. Vivien Leigh was ranked as a fickle coquette. She began to reconnoitre more dynamic roles by performing Shakespearean plays in the vicinity of the Old Vic in London, England. There, she encountered Laurence Olivier, a man she fell in love with, who was also married. The two soon originate in a highly synergistic and exhilarated acting relationship not to note a genuine love affair. About the same time, an American Director George Cukor was inspecting for the ideal starlet to play the leading role of Scarlett O'Hara. In his film refitting of Gone with the Wind. He said, "The girl I select must be possessed of the devil and charged with electricity." An extraordinary list of Hollywood's top starlets, covering Katharine Hepburn and Bette Davis had long been competing for the

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