Vivien Thomas Character Analysis

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Vivien Thomas was a good man. He helped save lives of tiny children. He helped save a one year old Eileen Saxon. Eileen was a blue baby. And Vivien helped save blue babies. One word that describes Vivien's Character is, nice. He is nice because he did a lot of procedures to help save a blue baby. When he helped save Eileen Saxon, I bet her mom and dad thanked him. Vivien knew he had to try to save a blue baby. So he did, and her name was Eileen Saxon. Another word that describes Vivien would be thoughtful. He is thoughtful because he helped save Eileen. Vivien was a great man and his boss needed Vivien's help so Vivien finally said, yes! If your baby was blue you would be thanking Vivien and his boss, Blalock.
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