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Vivitrol is the Key to Recovery Vivitrol is the name of the once monthly, extended-release injectable form of the drug Naltrexone that is administered to people suffering from opiate and alcohol addiction following complete detoxification. Naltrexone is known as an opiate receptor antagonist, which means it essentially blocks the effects of opiates and heroin (Syed and Keating 851). The recommended dose is 380mg intramuscularly every four weeks following 7-10 days of detoxification. This detoxification is determined by a negative urine drug screen prior to administration (Syed and Keating 858). When the effects of the opiates are blocked, the patient cannot feel the effects, therefore it decreases the desire and cravings, thus leading to extended periods of sobriety or abstinence according to Syed and Keating (851). Many addicts feel “what is the point of using? I cannot get high anyway”. This is an important mental process involved in effective use of Vivitrol. With the appropriate use of Vivitrol and supportive counseling, patients suffering with opiate addiction will have a greater length of abstinence and recovery period, increased success with complete recovery, decreased cravings, and decreased relapse versus those subjects who do not take Vivitrol. Syed and Keating review the results of a 24 week trial of randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, multicenter study in which individuals either received the Vivitrol injection or a placebo,…show more content…
Many addicts that have unsuccessfully tried other options such as methadone or buprenorphine and are determined to stay clean, choose Vivitrol because they consider it a

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