Vlad The Impaler Tepes Research Paper

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Born in Sighişoara around 1430 was Vlad Tepes, raised as a prince but was also raised in the dangers of the position as well. For almost 6 years from 1442 to 1448, Vlad and his brother, Radu, were imprisoned in the Egrigoz fortress in Anatolia while their father was imprisoned in Gallipoli by Sultan Murad the Great in 1442. Then, in 1443, Vlad Dracul was allowed to regain his throne over Wallachia (what is now Romania), as long as he was submissive towards the Ottoman Empire. While Vlad Tepes and his brother Radu were imprisoned and their father had gotten back his role as leader of Wallachia, Vlad and Radu’s brother, Mircea II, had most likely taken refuge in Transylvania. The reason that Vlad Dracul’s children remained in prison while their…show more content…
While it sounds bad that he was imprisoned, his life there was not bad. He was educated and treated well, being fluent in both Turkish and Latin. The hard thing to live with was the fact that he never knew when his father would act against his word and him and his brother would be put in danger, if not killed. (Damian 2015) Vlad Tepes (A.K.A. Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracula, Vlad III, etc.) was a man who put his enemies through ungodly amounts of pain. He wasn’t kind enough to end it quickly with impaling though, he would torture people before impaling them, sometimes even drinking their blood after or during their death, hence why he was the inspiration for Count Dracula. He hated those he would torture so deeply that he would put them through some of the most painful forms of…show more content…
He punished the citizens of Wallachia for the smallest crimes, by impalement. Women would be impaled for no reason, but were told they weren’t working hard enough. His unfair torture and killings led to constant fear and panic from the people. He would even put a golden chalice in the towns just to test people, to see if anyone would attempt to steal it so he could punish them, but no one dared, for they knew what awaited them if they even thought about it. No one would even talk bad about him, for fear of being executed. All independance was ripped from the people, they were mindless slaves to Vlad III, and if they couldn’t work, they would be killed. This doesn’t just mean the elderly or injured, he would even kill children if they weren’t working from birth. The dead bodies would be hung from trees and buildings in the towns, to do what leaving thousands of enemy soldiers impaled when the unstoppable Ottoman Empire was gaining on them, to strike a fear beyond what’s imaginable. Imagine walking outside and seeing a dead child hanging from a tree just because they were too young to work, or seeing an elderly woman rotting, hanging from a building. The people were terrified to even sleep, for fear of being taken away, tortured, and killed. This feeling was felt in the hearts of everyone under Vlad III’s reign. Another thing that was terrifying was that he didn’t need a reason to kill
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