Vladek Informative Essay

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Vladek fought to survive, at first alone. Vladek deserves the most admirable character award because he was confident, intelligent, and for the entire time, brave. For this, he is admirable. Vladek was incredibly brave. He had been sitting and not shooting at the German soldiers for a while and his officer made him shoot at them. He got caught by the Germans later. He spoke to the German soldiers so that they didn’t kill him. He spoke in German and told them that his officer had forced him to shoot. The German officer’s friend told him not to kill Vladek because he seemed honest. His bravery is what kept him alive over and over again during the war. He deserves the admirable award because of this. Vladek was a very intelligent person. During the war against the Nazi’s, he had to make bunkers to shelter from the Germans who wanted to kill them. He had to think about where to hide that wouldn’t look suspicious. He made a hole in his coal container that lead underground into their…show more content…
When Anja thought nothing was left, he told her she would survive with him, that together they would make it through the war. Anja came through and survived with him. He knew something was wrong when Pesach made a deal with the Nazi’s that would let them escape. He stayed behind with a few others who believed in his concerns. Pesach and the others got shot by the Nazi’s after little time. If they had followed, they would’ve been killed too.His confidence lead to his admirability. Some people could say that he shouldn’t earn the award because he was always very irritable. Vladek was irritable, but that didn’t affect his survival, the survival of others, or his family relationships. He was loving when times were rough and he deserves the award. The most admirable character award could go to numerous characters, but I think above all, Vladek deserves the award because he has many traits that make him an admirable and amazing
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