Vladek's Maus: A Portrait Of The Survivor

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Art sees Vladek as someone who is better than him at everything because of the fact that he survived Auschwitz. Vladek is depicted as a resourceful and intelligent hero of the story. He always manages to barter ways to get better treatment for himself and his wife Anja. He saves up money in order to survive and protect his wife and also claims that he is really lucky. The older Vladek telling the story though is weak and has a heart problem. He often runs out of breath when telling Art his story. Vladek was a good young man who tried to convince his wife to not kill herself after she found out that her son is dead by telling her that killing herself would be too easy. Art offers a portrait of the survivor by learning about his father’s life in Auschwitz’s. He depicts his father as a hero within his story and a villain…show more content…
Maus is a comic book that illustrates the story of Vladek’s life during Hitler’s reign through interviews with his son Artie. Art Speigleman tells this story through the eyes of Vladek to depict a more human experience. Most of the story of Auschwitz and the holocaust comes from what Vladek tells his son. This format of the book allows the reader to get a more personal experience from the survivor, Vladek. You can see that Vladek’s story contains a lot of personal details when he tells Art, “I can tell you other stories, but such private things, I don 't want you should mention.” This gives the reader a sense of reality to the whole story making the Holocaust feel more like a real thing. The character Vladek is very self-centered and rarely thinks of others. He burns Artie’s mom’s wartime memories despite the fact that she specifically wrote that she wishes Art can read them, he throws out Art’s coat just because he thought that the coat was ugly; “When you were sitting first down to dinner, I threw it
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