Vladek's Struggles In Maus 1 And Maus 2, Spiegelman

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Everything that has to do with the past is a learning experience, a memory or a factor that motivates one to act. The graphic novels: Maus 1 and Maus 2, Spiegelman points out the struggles of Artie and Vladek. The novel portrays in detail panels along with dialogue and narration unforgettable experiences of the Holocaust. Not only are Artie’s struggles of writing his stories mentioned but Vladek’s struggles of what he went through in the Holocaust. Vladek is a Jew and survivor of the Holocaust which occurred around 1933-1945. A lot of Vladek’s experiences involve times in concentration camps and harsh troubles with other survivors in the Auschwitz. The Holocaust was the period where Hitler forced Jews to work in harsh conditions on concentration
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