Vladimir Lenin Speech

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That was a great speech of Vladimir Lenin, and I was really taken by it, although my attention was attracted by the movement at the other side of the stage. Something moved in the shadow down on the grass, but then that dark spot jumped up on the stage. The blinding spotlights beat my eyes, and I couldn’t make it out. Of course, that could be some cameraman, or technician, or security man from some team. “God needs you! He needs your victories - every minute, every hour, and every day! That is His food!” Lenin proclaimed, and stadium calmed down. I haven’t noticed anything else moving in that shadowy corner, though I fixed my eyes on it, and that was suspicious by itself. Everything around me roared with joy and ardor, but my senses warned me of danger. I recalled a scene from the well-known movie where the bodyguard, leaping, shielded the famous singer on the stage against a bullet of the murderer – wasn’t it my turn now? But the flood lights blinded me, and I couldn’t make out…show more content…
I saw around dozens of exited and frightened strange faces. The flame was still blazing, but several men were putting it down with some rag. The murderer, pinned to the floor, was also cared for, and I looked for Lenin. He wasn’t anywhere behind my back, so I stepped aside and looked up at the screens, because the stadium suddenly roared again. On all those screens the flames raged and excited faces flickered - the stadium crowds took it for a part of the grandiose unprecedented show and were thrilled even more. I’ve rushed from the edge to the stage’s back and saw Lenin there. He was carried through the stands of frightened musicians to the back exit. I saw him only shortly, and he was still alive. Fomin was supporting his chest, talking to him, and leaning down to listen to him. I’ve watched as Lenin was carried through the doorway and returned
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