Vladimir Nabokov's 'Stuff Is Not Salvation'

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“Stuff Is Not Salvation
1.Anna Quindlen gained the knowledge of appreciating our everyday needs rather than the materialistic things that more than often we convince ourselves we need. Choosing to spend money on pointless “ junk” such as; designer clothes and accessories, flat-screens, gadgets, and immense homes isn't worth half the money. Especially when hard earned money is needed much more for rent, health insurance, and tuition. Quindlen gives an example of how a mother made a statement saying her children will appreciate the smallest things in life when having less possessions. She also gained many of society's attention and credibility by connecting the essay with the recession. She did this by, relating her childhood experience to when she was putting money in her savings account as a child. She slickly points out that as she grew older the passbook was replaced by plastic cards that soon established all the debt today's Americans faced and why the nations savings rate is in the negatives. One thing that
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Qualities “good readers” should have according to Vladimir Nabokov:
• Someone whom can have patience and take the time to notice and empathize the details.
• Someone who isn't afraid to use their imagination.
• Someone that can identify themselves.
• Someone who has
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When a chef prepares a meal he/she will consider the excitement, the aroma, the tastebuds that rises before one gets the opportunity to taste it. This plane is divided just as Copland’s is. It's about the general emotions one develops through their senses especially, when the sight of the food is displayed in such quality. Cooks also develop characters while preparing food; their sauces, spices and other ingredients are added to give them the ultimate concoction. Although they too have to criticize their works to
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