Vladka Meed: Courage Through Selfless Acts Of Resistance

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The most memorable people in history have displayed courage through selfless acts of resistance. From Mahatma Gandhi’s peaceful fight for independence to Martin Luther King Jr’s stand for civil rights. Resistance has always existed and has inspired many actions throughout history. Standing for the minorities is not popular. The imminent threat of death is present but the idea of a fruitless future becomes an unbearable possibility. Moral courage allows for the display of strength through selfless actions against injustice. During the Holocaust many injustices were made against the Jewish community. Personal diaries account for the hardships of those persecuted in Hitler's final solution. As bad as Hitler’s attempts to restore Germany's power were, they managed to bring out the best of some people. Freeing the oppressed and giving hope to the desperate, Vladka Meed inspired hearts throughout the world. Even through hardship she managed to break through the veil of darkness that covered the world during the Holocaust. Meed displayed moral courage through resistance,…show more content…
The exists of a Jewish Resistance is not commonly known: Jews are mainly seen as victims, weak and defenseless. It seems difficult to believe that anyone would defy Adolf Hitler’s German army. One of the most basic displays was, “they painted anti-Hitler slogans on fences and walls around Berlin.”(Rappaport) The Nazis were a powerful group, to continue opposing them meant that acts of resistance had to be done undercover. Lies and unjust blame caste towards the Jewish people sparked rebellion. Most displays of resistance were done at night. This would decrease the risk of being caught and tortured. Many attempts of sabotage throughout Hitler's campaign were silenced and those caught were imprisoned. Meed knew that if something had to be done, the immensity certainly had to be difficult to
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