Vlsi Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Advantages: • Accurate detection of obstacles in front left and right direction. • Detection of waist level height to head level height obstacles. • Minimum physical interface • Less training time • Very low cost • Low power consumption • Detection of ground level obstacles • Can send a HELP message with the help of emergency button in case of emergency. • Easy navigation route through voice playback circuit. Limitations: Certain improvements are required for following: • Recognition of obstacles as water, soft and very small objects. • Recognition of colors • Recognition of obstacles when it is present in all directions at the same time. • Person can get irritated and confused by sound of beep. Improvements which can be done: • It can be further enhanced by using VLSI technology to design the PCB units as it makes the system more compact. • We can also use active RFID tags that will transmit the location information automatically to the system unit, when the intelligent belt is in its range. • A GPS system can also be used to determine the position of blind person. • Voice Recognition module can also be used to make better differentiation of direction of obstacle with the help of speaker. • Further wearable aspect of this system can be improved using wireless connectivity between the system components. Despite these difficulties, it is hoped that…show more content…
This project can also be used by various other patients who are suffering from various eye ailments like post eye operative situations, cataract, exophthalmia, and others. 4. This project can have modification to a more sophisticated version of itself by using high intensity of ultrasonic waves which can be useful for geological explorations as a navigation system. 5. It can be used for obstacle detecting and avoiding obstacle for industrial robots. 6. It can also be used for pick and place industrial robots with the help of stored information given to the robots by voice and playback system. 4.3

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