Vocabulary In The Great Gatsby

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Corroborate- Verb: Confirm or give support to (a statement, theory, or finding) (p154)

Pneumatic- Adjective: Containing or operated by air or gas under pressure (p161)

Pasquinade- Noun: A satire or lampoon, originally one displayed or discovered publicly (p163)

Discussion Questions
1. How do you think Gatsby's father felt when almost no one showed up to his son’s funeral? Why do you think people did not want to attend?

2. Would you consider Wolfsheim to be a real friend of Gatsby? Why or why not?

3. Do you think Jordan foiled Daisy in the story? If yes, how?

Literary Term
Symbol- green light

The green light is a symbol of the future and the unattainable dream that Gatsby has. The green light symbolizes the distance between
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Nick doesn't want to leave Gatsby alone, but eventually heads to the city. Nick and Jordan discuss what happened between them and then the conversation comes to an end. Nick narrates about what happened at the garage after they left the previous night. Catherine is drunk when she is informed about the death of her sister, and Wilson talks about a yellow car and how he has a way to find it. Wilson said Myrtle ran out to speak to the man in the car and he wouldn't stop. Wilson heads over to the West Egg and goes to Gatsby's house where he kills Gatsby and then himself. Police and detectives go to Gatsby's house to investigate and they declare Wilson a "madman." Catherine says that Myrtle never saw Gatsby and that she was happy with Wilson. Nick feels responsible for answering the inquiries about Gatsby. When Nick calls Daisy, he finds out that she and Tom had left without leaving an address. Nick never receives a wire from Daisy and Wolfsheim says he can not attend the funeral. A man calls Nick who he finds out is Gatsby's father, Henry C. Gatz. Gatz tells Nick to postpone the funeral until he arrives. When he arrives, Gatz says that he'd prefer for Gatsby's body to remain on the East Coast.
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