Vocabulary In The Scarlet Letter

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I. Vocabulary Penitence- noun- Regret for ones wrongdoing or sinning; contrition; repentance. (Pg 77) Caprice- noun- A sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior. (Pg 92) Palliate- verb- To make a disease or its symptoms less severe or unpleasant without removing the cause. (Pg 125) II. Discussion Questions Do you think Pearl can be considered an imp given the description of her looking like a glimmering light that comes and goes at any given moment? If so, why do think that? If not, explain your reasoning. If Mr. Bellingham were to have taken Pearl away from Hester, do you think that Hester would have committed suicide being that Pearl was one of the only people that she loved? Do you think that Arthur Dimmesdale wanted to die considering…show more content…
Pearl, who was a young girl, had some strange qualities including a strange remoteness and intangibility as if she were hovering in air and might vanish like a glimmering light at any given moment. Pearl begun to ask Hester questions about who were father was, but Hester replied saying that she had a "Heavenly Father" since she did not know how to fully respond to the question. Hester was at risk of getting Pearl taken away from her by Governor Bellingham because he thought that Hester was not responsible enough to raise such a young child. Pearl was ultimately able to stay with Hester since Mr. Dimmesdale had been able to defend Hester and her rights as the mother of a child. Mr. Dimmesdale's health began to steadily decline and he was in need of assistance, but was not able to get any until Roger Chillingworth appeared. Chillingworth and Dimmesdale formed a close relationship because Chillingworth believed that it was necessary for him to do so in order for him to try to cure Mr. Dimmesdale. Chillingworth began to show unkind qualities and became a thief of the riches that belonged to Mr. Dimmesdale. When Chillingworth asked Mr. Dimmesdale to reveal the wound and trouble in his soul in order for him to be healed, he lashed out at him and stormed off. Ultimately, Chillingworth had found Mr. Dimmesdale to be in a deep sleep
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