Vocabulary Learning Strategies

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The majority of the strategies are either vocabulary learning strategies. They are all memory strategies, or can be used for vocabulary learning tasks. The first investigation of vocabulary learning strategies as a whole was carried out by Stoffen (1995). She wrote some questionnaire where some items designed to measure vocabulary learning strategies. Nation (2001) divided vocabulary learning strategies into three groups. They are relating to the planning of vocabulary learning that use vocabulary words in order to understand their context in a unit. Connected with vocabulary sources of knowledge, Vocabulary development is a method of learning new words to use in daily life, and it is essential for learning any language. Vocabulary development…show more content…
Some people learn best by listening, and some people learn best by writing. Keep a list is also a method of enrich vocabulary. Words are all around us. Looking up words in a dictionary or in text is not the only way to find new vocabulary. You can search new words by talking with English speakers, watching shows in English, reading the news—anywhere, anytime. And make a vocabulary list in a little notebook; phone so that you can carry it from anywhere. However, writing down the part of speech (verb, noun, adjective), different versions of the word and a full sentence using the word. Use new words in conversations is also a method of improve vocabulary. A list of vocabulary can be easy to forget. The more you use the words, the more you'll remember them. Using new words are also important to improve vocabulary. So, try using your new words in everyday life or in conversation, or write down something to use that word. And also take any words you have forgotten from your old lists and add them to your new list. Every day when you’re having your morning coffee, choose two or three words to be you’re “Words of the Day.” Remember them and write them down…show more content…
Games are a helpful way to learn because they make learning fun. Videos are also a great option for vocabulary learning. You can watch entertaining English videos with subtitles. See any word with a definition, a picture, an audio pronunciation and usage examples, all so you can understand and remember that word better. Try to remember words alone are not the good process to improve vocabulary. Best way to remember words in a sentence. This is a great option because you will not only know the word, but you will also know accurately how to use it in conversation. The more you read, the more you learn. You will pick up new words without even realizing it when you read. Reading lets you see how words are used in sentences, and lets you understand them through context clues. There are even some books that are meant to teach vocabulary. This is an essential activity because reading is the best way to be exposed to a rich and wide vocabulary. And remember you can read whatever you want. You can read literature books if that is what you enjoy, but if you don’t, try reading a comic book or a magazine. Learn new vocabulary through

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