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This section will discuss the theoretical framework of the study together with studies in the field of vocabulary learning strategies and their importance in language learning.
3.1 The importance of teaching vocabulary
In the past, vocabulary was given little attention in the field of language teaching. This approach towards vocabulary was due to fact that linguistic research focused on syntax and phonology and neglected the important role of vocabulary teaching and learning. However, recent years recognized the vital role of vocabulary. (Richards &Renandya: 2002 ; Carter & McCarthy ;Koda; 1997 ; Paribakakht&Wesche: 1997).
Research during the past two decades have been keen to investigate vocabulary acquisition among second language learners. ( Koda:1997, Paribakht&Wesche: 1997, Coady&Huckin 1997). Carter and McCarthy (1988) investigated the previous trend of looking at vocabulary as lists of items to be learnt towards a more recent approach that looks at learners and to find an answer to what is actually meant by leaning vocabulary.
Nation and Coady (1988) believe in the importance of learning vocabulary through context as one of the main ways
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Vocabulary leaning strategies (VLS) has recently gained a lot of attention because they are found to facilitate vocabulary learning. This recent interest in VLS advocated a movement away from the traditional teaching-orientated perspective to the focus on how language acquisition is affected by the actions demonstrated by learners. Learners tend to use various strategies in dealing with vocabulary in the target language compared to other language tasks that involve different linguistic skills such as oral presentation and pronunciation. This could be the result of the special nature of vocabulary learning in comparison to other integrated language related tasks which makes it easier to use strategies in an effective manner. (Schmitt:
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