Vocabulary Level Assessment: Reading Comprehension

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Chapter 1
1.1 Background of the Study
According to Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 3rd Edition, “vocabulary is all the words which exist in a particular language or subject”. In other word, vocabulary can define as basic unit of the language. Because it contains meaning, people will definitely use it to communicate each other. Vocabulary production can be specified in speaking and writing.
Vocabulary size scores as level indicators is a good indicator of reading and writing ability (Milton, 2004). Word knowledge is crucial to reading comprehension and determines how well students will be able to comprehend the texts they read (Sedita, 2005).
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Vocabulary level refers to in what level that students can achieve related with their vocabulary knowledge that can be produces by someone through many ways like speaking and writing. This research use writing as the main object.
2. Reading habit refers with the interest in reading, which can affect the ability to comprehend the text.
3. Students’ composition refers to the task that should be done by the students related with writing activity. This research will use students’ essay as their writing task.
4. Oxford Text Checker is a newest tool that supported by Oxford Dictionaries to help people in recognizing their writing level by using text-scanning.


This chapter reviews the theoretical framework of vocabulary level measurement related with reading habit. The review covers the discussion of vocabulary knowledge, reading habit, vocabulary level measurement, and the previous study on vocabulary level measurement. All those issues are presented respectively as follows:
2.1 Vocabulary Knowledge
2.1.1 The Definition of Vocabulary
2.1.2 The Needs of Vocabulary Knowledge
2.1.3 Vocabulary Knowledge with Other Cognitive Skills
2.2 Reading Habit
2.2.1 The Definition of Reading
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(2001), “variable is characteristic that can take on different values or scores”. In fact, there are four kinds of variables in this study. Senior high school students interpreted as constant because they are fixed subject in this study. Then, the amount of book that students read interpreted as independent variable because this variable influence the vocabulary level that acted as dependent variable. At last, students’ reading ability placed as intervening variable.
3.3 Population and Samples
Population is the people whom researcher wishes to learn something, then samples itself are representative of the population (Ary et al, 2001). So that, population of this study is senior high school students that visit the library. Then, the samples of this study are three students who: (1) read less than five books in a month, (2) read exactly five books in a month, (3) read more than five books in a month.
3.4 Instruments
In this study, the data will be collected in the form of students’ composition. Students are asked to write an essay in the certain topic, then the researcher will be re-write their compositions in Microsoft Word.
3.5 Data

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