Vocation As A Catholic Church Essay

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Vocation, a divine call from God to devote oneself to his services. As a catholic it is my job to serve God, not just as a St. Lucy student today but after I graduate and throughout my life. In order to lead out a vocation it is important to practice ministry. Ministry allows us to spread the good word of the Lord and as a way for us to introduce our faith to others. This is important to church growth both physically and spiritually. Through ministry more people decide to join the church causing the physical population of it to grow. However, it also allows the people of the church, us, to get a better understanding of the believes within our religion. The Catholic Church Has such a strong faith that whenever it can be more widely spread throughout the world the positive impact it can display is absolutely breathtaking. One of the largest, if not the largest way for me to be able to individually decide to make this impact is through committing to a vocation that…show more content…
A vocation as a nun or within the religious life is such a strong way to devote yourself to a God and the teachings of the Bible. As a nun a can be both a religious influencer as well as carry on a job as a nurse or a teacher. This is a lifestyle that is fulfilling to both the body and soul allowing you to fully open your mind up to a lifestyle of prayer and ministry. As I grow up and develop into an adult it will better allow me to be able to fully decide what my vocation is and if the religious life is the path I would like to take but as of right now having a family is something that I would greatly enjoy having in the future. I never know what path God will take me on or what adventures are in store for me in the future but I know whatever they are they will be guided by the lord as I walk down his path for

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