Vocational Specific Work Areas: Case Study

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In this assignment I will be investigating the associated risks and appropriate control measures that affect my vocational specific work area. The work area that I will be going to is Cuan Mhuire Ballybay. Cuan Mhuire is a rehabilitation centre where people go to that has addictions like alcohol addictions, drug addictions and gambling addictions. The services they provide is a step down half way house for homeless men. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 apply to all employers, employees and self-employed. It includes provisions to improve the safety and health at work both temporary and fixed contract employees. 9/10/14 Brief given out in class and discussed 12/10/14 Research HAS website. Research Occupational area- stress/noise…show more content…
In my specific work environment, noise would not be over the average amount of 85dbs. It would affect me because a normal conversation is only 60dbs and there would be no loud machines. It is estimated that about 30 million workers in the EU are exposed to undesireable noise levels and about 10 million to noise levels which damage their hearing. They should manage noise levels to which employers are exposed. Any sound above 85dbs can cause hearing loss. If the sound is over 85dbs, the employers should follow the next few steps. The Employers should review a risk assessment. The employers should then try to reduce the noise level if they can. Next they should try to remove the noise level if they can. Employer records on safety statements the findings of the risk assessment and steps taken to combat the noise at source. They would use a control measure which is the use of PPE which would be used as a last resort after all efforts to eliminate or reduce the source of the noise have been exhausted. (Kinsella, Joseph 2012) The types of PPE include full acoustic helmets, earmuffs which can be fitted to industrial helmets, earplugs, ear defenders with receiver for LF, ear protection with intercom equipment. (Workplace Health Toolkit to Assist Small Businesses HAS) Therefore, noise would not be a risk in my specified…show more content…
A balanced diet means you have a healthy weight. You can have a balanced diet by taking exercise, to manage stress, to get the work/life balance right. In my specific work environment, keeping yourself healthy would be a key issue. You have to maintain a balanced diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You need to have enough calories each day in order for your body to have the nutrients it needs. For me to improve my lifestyle for my work area, I should take plenty of exercise. It would help to manage weight and it strengthens your heart and lungs. It can also help you sleep better which can improve concentration, productivity and mood. When you have an unhealthy lifestyle, it can lead to a number of risks. These can include stress, diet and illnesses. “Stress can be a factor in a variety of emotional and physical illnesses, which should be professionally treated. Many stress symptoms are mild and can be managed with over the counter medications like ibuprofen for tension headaches. A mental health professional should be consulted for unmanageable acute stressor for severe anxiety or depression. Often short term therapy can resolve stress related emotional

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