Voces Inocentes: El Salvadoran Civil War

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Voces Inocentes shares the lifestory of a young boy named Chava who lived through the Salvadoran Civil War. Chava was only 11 year old and lived with his mom and his two siblings. His father left to the US for a better life and never returned to El Salvador. Every night, Chava and his family had to hide under their beds due to the warfare that was occurring outside of their home. They were forced to see dead bodies every morning, sometimes from people they cared about. Chava also saw one of his closest friends leave to be trained in the military and fight in the war. Ever since then Chava was always cautious so that the government military wouldn't take him away. However, Chava and two of his friends went with Chava’s uncle so they could be…show more content…
An accuracy in the film is the role the FMLN had in the civil war. The FMLN was an army that was against the Salvadoran government for El Salvador. In the film Chava’s Uncle Beto is in the FMLN and is shown fighting against the Salvadoran army. During the civil war in El Salvador children that had turned twelve would be recruited by the Schools of America and b e put into camps to be trained to be in the army. In the film the Salvadoran army came into Chava’s school to recruit the boys that had turned twelve to be trained, Chava’s friend Antonio was taken. Later on in Voces Inocentes Chava’s friend Antonio can be seen fighting against the FMLN as a Salvadoran soldier. Another accuracy in the film is the radio channel, Radio Venceremos that was banned during the civil war because it was against the government. Although the radio channel was never named in the movie it showed a representation of it. Chava’s uncle told him to use the radio as a warning for the FMLN that there were government troops nearby. The film showed a priest that was against the government and helped Chava from getting in trouble with the soldiers. During the actual Salvadoran Civil War Oscar Romero, an archbishop made people aware of the civil rights that they were being restricted from by the government. He raised awareness around the world about the killing that were happening
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