Voice Search In Star Trek: The Next Generation

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You might feel exaggerated by watching people having a casual talk with PCs in the 1987 American TV serial “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. That is all going to happen in the near future, it seems, with the new inventions in the technology. And yes, I’m talking about Voice Search. Voice Search: Voice Search — This is a common jargon of every Netizen in present days. When your hands or eyesight is occupied with other tasks, it might be carking to type on your phone to do an internet search. In such a case, voice search is really an amazing solution. Especially, when you are driving a car, it would be effortless operating your mobile phone. Obviously, people are inclining towards this complacent feature. And it seems there would be great changes…show more content…
Just notice that you can speak up to 150 words in a minute, whereas you can type only around 40 words. That means you can make your search faster. This voice search is very useful for Internet of Things (IoT) where you cannot use a keypad. For a Google app, a phrase “Ok Google” followed by your query is enough to wake up the voice assistant. Citing all such reasons, voice search is becoming the new search tool. So far, there are several personal voice search assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Now, and Apple’s Siri. Usage Stats of Voice Search: As of 2014 stats, 55% of teens and 41% of adults were using the voice search. Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, has revealed that 50% of the search queries are from mobile devices, and a 20% of those are made via voice search. Voice search brings Google to wherever you are — be right at your desktop or doing exercise. And it is predicted that by 2020, around 50% of searches would be via voice search. As per a survey conducted in September 2015, 43% of the respondents say that voice search is quicker than using an app or going to a website. Whereas, 38% of them say that it is more fun than any other search tool. Here in the below graph, you can see the data of the…show more content…
Concentrate on Long-Tail Keywords: In the voice searches, we generally use long-tail keywords. For example, you would simply type “weather London” if you are making a keypad search. But, you would speak the complete sentence “what is the weather like in London?”. So, it’s time to focus on long-tail keywords. Make Use of Schema Markup: If you are not using schema markup for your website, consider using it now. This HTML code will help search engines understanding the context of your content and showing up on the results page for normal searches. So, it will optimize your website for voice search. Provides FAQs on your Website: Generally, people use the voice search to know something. So, they make a question starts with ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘where’, and ‘how’ and want a direct answer. To fulfill their needs, you need to add a FAQs page to your website. So that, search engines can find your website when a search of that kind made. Know the Way Your Customers Converse: Make telephone calls to your customers and targeted users and ask them some simple questions related to your business. And record the answers in their own words. Primarily focus on the keywords that your customers

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