Volk Moral Minorities Chapter Summary

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As far as minority groups playing a role in a democratic republic, what role do they play? I mean, what are their actual rights, and to what level will these rights be asserted, while also benefitting the whole society? Mr. Volk explains the answers to these questions in this book Moral Minorities and the Making of American Democracy. Volk focuses this study and book on the protest groups that were actually active during the thirty years leading up to the civil war. And while this was all happening, there were the majorities that were getting into it with the newly confident minorities, giving Volk a perfect storm to study their not so perfect integration together. Volk focuses on three groups that fought against unfair and even unconstitutional…show more content…
In his third study, Volk states that the early abolitionist movement members, both black and white, represented a decided minority. One whose rights, were fragile indeed in a two-party system favoring the majority with racial prejudice. Those opposing segregation fought hard, succeeding at times, against laws in northern states that make interracial marriage or integrated schools and transportation systems illegal. the apposing party eventually convinced legislatures in a few New England states to integrate public amenities, including trains and busses, but Volk points out that blacks went through horrible conditions in the many years antedating these, sort of, victories. They “typically remained on ship decks exposed to rain, wind, extreme temperatures and rough seas. Conductors relegated them to cramped and unclean second-class cars known variously as the ‘dirt,’ ‘dog,’ or ‘Jim Crow’ cars after the minstrel show’s peculiar caricature of black America”. They railed against “fanatics” who were not only attempting to ruin the Fugitive Slave Laws, but also were claiming immunity from…show more content…
Volk’s Moral Minorities and the Making of American Democracy, is an incredible study. This book will keeo the attention of the readers today because it is still relevant to our lives today, to a much lesser degree. The people who were involved along with the situations change, but the extremist groups, homosexuals, immigrants, veterans, and ex-cons are all trying to find their role in society. Believe it or not, they are using similar strategies that were used in the 1830 's and 40 's. But, even with all their success, these groups will still face discrimination on their journey for full equality. New groups will move along their similar uneven path, making progress, enjoying milestones along the way, but eventually finding out that it will never really end. Volk finishes up by stating America’s battles have become the world’s battles. As one country after another struggles to balance majority rule and minority
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