Volkswagen Advertising Analysis

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Rough draft The beginning of Volkswagen we know as the people 's car is development work started in earnest in Germany in 1934. The Volkswagen Beetle made from Adolf Hitler with this rule that the car should carry two adults and three children at 100km/h and that it should be cheap, costing no more than a motorbike to buy. He called in the Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche and joined the Nazi party in 1937. After World War II, Volkswagen sales in the United States were initially slower than in other parts of the world but one of thing changed everything. Exactly two beetles had been sold in 1949 but after something, VW became the top-selling auto import in the United States. It is the advertising marketing that is different from…show more content…
Many people have an instinct to find answers to questions. The company of VW used question form on the headline. In 1959, "Why is the engine behind" ads usually describe their technology, like normal advertising. Volkswagen has created ads in a variety of ways. In 1959, "Why is the engine behind" ads usually describe their technology, like advertising. The photography does not look special either and There is a bright car with a trunk open on a dark background. In the trunk car, there is an engine. However, they appear to be curiosity consumers with headlines in question format and then it tells the consumers what they want to say and kindly explain the title. In this advertising, it tells us that the car 's engine is in behind and explains its merits well like that it gives a direct power to the wheel and saving weight and…show more content…
The most famous of the Volkswagen advertisements, "think small" on February 22, 1960, used visual effects. It has a lot of white spaces and the car advertised was miniscule with black and white color. It would pop out from the magazines and newspaper that is filled with colorful content and a lot of words. The “Think small” ads used their shortcomings as strong strength and it had change customer mind. At that time, most American car ads were information based and lacking in persuasion, more fantasy than reality. Also, many Americans preferred big cars, and many car ads were "bigger is better". But, Volkswagen ads were different. Their ads emphasize its simplicity and minimalism. It advertised itself as a small car and brought forward the advantages of being a small car. This gives us the idea that it should always advertise what we really are and then it received honesty and integrity from

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