Volkswagen Competitive Advantage

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Opportunities Firstly, the needs of customers changing from time to time. Volkswagen should introduce more hybrid or fuel-efficient models which produce less CO2 across the other automotive brand. In addition, the environment friendly cars are meeting the recent customer needs as well as enhancing the reputation of the brand. The goal of Volkswagen implemented Life Cycle Assessment for almost 10 years period is to provide clear information on the environmental effects of vehicles and its components for the consumers, shareholder and also for other parties who have interested on it. Volkswagen has developed a green product under the model of up! family which is so called as the e-up! This is the first model which created with all-electric from Volkswagen to enter the market. This hybrid and electric car was not only create environmentally compatible innovation, but it was also generates zero emissions to the environment. Besides that, the new eco up! using the natural gas which is known as the best eco-friendly to petrol (Volkswagen AG, 2013).…show more content…
Nowadays, consumers are very concerned about the fuel prices, once the prices goes up it will have a direct impact towards the sales of automobiles and tend to increase for either hybrid or fuel-efficient cars. Volkswagen was introduced Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid in year 2002 which costs almost RM 616,888 and it can considered as luxury car in Malaysia. From the information given, this hybrid car were combined with conventional motoring technology and also electric propulsion system which will produced lower emission as well as help the consumer in saving on fuel costs (Chew, 2013). Moreover, tax was exempted for those hybrid and electric cars that was imported into Malaysia on 20th of January 2014 onwards (Gilbert & Kumar, 2014). Thus, Volkswagen Touareg Hybrid car took advantage of tax exemptions when imported to

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