Volleyball And The Industrial Revolution Essay

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Volleyball has been around for many years, but how did it get started? Volleyball changed from the Industrial Revolution through the social perspective and some of those are the difference from others sports, the YMCA, and the ability for family-friend game.
Volleyball is a sport not like any other because William Morgan wanting to create a sport for all people.Morgan worked at YMCA and he noticed that in basketball there was constant running around. He thought to himself that not everyone could play this game because of age or disability. He came up with the idea of not having to run but position to get to the ball. He took a collection of sports such as tennis, badminton, and of course, basketball.
The YMCA is where volleyball was first associated at and it change from volleyball.Since William Morgan worked there and watched other sports play, it gave him the inspiration to come up with another game. The YMCA is like the Norwalk rec and it was just ran by YMCA. Therefore, without the YMCA and William having a job there, volleyball may have never been created.
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We play at the beach, on the court, in the backyard, anywhere really. As long as you have a volleyball and a net you can play wherever you please. Unlike volleyball, basketball involves two hoops and that’s much harder to take around with you. Therefore, volleyball has become a popular sport since it can be all around you.
Volleyball covered the social part of the Industrial Revolution through the togetherness of everyone, the system of YMCA, and having a game to play. I accept my thesis statement and believe in what I statement. So really, the idea volleyball came from basketball. Who would have
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