Volleyball Satire

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“Well well well look at what we have here children who think they Can play volleyball except they are merely just tossing a ball in the air”. It was a hot and sunny summer day and the ocean was so cold it felt like heaven. “Those children actually believe that they are good because they are having fun messing around”. Sophia came over to me before practise. “Hi sara Sophia said, it is so very hot out here”. “I kNow right, I am sweating through my swimsuit. Sophia, yes Sara, why do these kids keep tossing a volleyball into the air and call it volleyball”. “Because sayed Sophia, they are having fun with each other. So they don’t care about doing it right, but only about having fun, exactly said sophia”. Hey girls my coach said, practise
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I just Can't get my eyes off of those kids on the other side of the beach,I go over there, hi kids Can I show you all how to really do volleyball? Um no thanks says a little girl, we don’t want to do real volleyball we just want to have a lot of fun. Hello, you are saying that you just want to toss a ball around and call it volleyball because you're having fun, yeah that's exactly what we're doing and we want to keep doing that if you don't mind it said the little girl. Of course, of course you guys just keep doing what you do, I'll just be a practice and if you change your mind you know where to find me on the label shorts doing what I love. Hold on, hold on sad little boy Can you teach some of us how to play volleyball you want to be volleyball players or coaches when we grow up, but of course I can let me just tell my coach and I'll be right back okay said little boy. Coach said Sarah, yes Sarah, can I teach those kids have a volleyball to ask me if I could, yes you can, it'll be good practice for you to Going Back to Basics you've had some trouble these days. Okay thank you, okay kids who want to learn some volleyball. Wait, where did everyone go, where did all those kids want to go play and learn and be told to someday, all gone what might have
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