Volleyball Team Analysis Essay

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Analysis of a Volleyball Team
Sports people or for that matter anyone who know about sports, knows that volleyball is not an easy sport to master. Once the team gets broken down into three separate positions, everyone finally sees that it requires a skill level that not most people have. When playing it the players should not only have the skills to play, but also have passion and heart for the game as well. They should feel the beat of their racing heart when their teammate scores a point, or the crowds roars radiate through the gym when they cheer for them. More than just a game may sound like an understatement to anyone who plays. The individual roles on a volleyball team are essential, and in reality, the biggest part of it all. Defensive specialist, setters and hitters stand as the definition of a volleyball team. When shown as separate positions, volleyball will not seem as simple as it looks. It all comes together from separate roles on the team, and most can call it a fascinating sight to see.
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They take on the role of the first individual part of a volleyball team, and they play in the back row. When the ball floats through the air as it gets passed up to the setter, automatically know that it comes from your team’s defensive specialists. To begin with they have to have a good platform to pass the ball up. Then following that skill, the defensive specialist’s need to have quick feet to have the ability to move around the whole court. These types of player also have to have keen sight and very good court awareness. They have the responsibility for any ball that comes over the net from the other team, while ensuring that it does not hit the floor. These people are the backbone of the back row, and in essences are the ones the team wants passing the ball up every single time it comes over the

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