Ben Jonson Volpone Analysis

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“Volpone” which is an Italian word for “the sly fox” was a comedy play by an English play-writer named Ben Jonson. Jonson wrote the play and was produced in 1605 or 1606. Ben Jonson was not only a play-write, he was also a poet, an actor and a literary critic. He was also considered the second most important writer in the 1600s and the reign of James I after Shakespeare. He had a good education and was a Christian. Ben Jonson wrote the play Volpone after being staying away from his wife for a while, he also wrote The Alchemist during his separation. It was rumored that he had a rivalry with Shakespeare, they were compared to each other quit a lot during their time because of their extraordinary writing style and writings. Ben Jonson passed away in 1637 (Ghazi, Ahmad, Ben Jonson, Biblotica Alexandria).…show more content…
He has a servant named Mosca who helps him in conning people to gain more money and fortunes. His new and latest trick is pretend to be deathly sick so that people can bring him expensive gifts. Many rich people come to visit him in hopes that he makes them their heir and they can get all his riches and treasures. Unaware of the fact that they are the ones being tricked and they are simply losing their fortunes and more in hopes to satisfy him. Whenever anyone comes to to visit him with a gift, Volpone and Mosca start their game, Volpone plays to be half dead while Mosca starts lying to the visitor about how he or she is heir to all of Volpone’s
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