Volpone Satire Analysis

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How is Volpone a high comedy? A "high comedy" is a comedy that is appealing to those who are sophisticated and educated, it deals with polite society and it is characterized by the use of witty dialogues, humor, satire and a tangled plot. Volpone is one of Ben Johnson 's most admirable works; it is a combination of tragedy, comedy and satire. It is famous for depicting some of the society 's vices and presenting it to the audience as a reminder of the consequences of such vices. Volpone works as a reflecting mirror of the actions taking place in London, although it is set in Venice. Jonson uses this comparison to satirize, as well as, cast light on London 's shift to capitalism, class distinctions and obsession with materialistic possessions. One of the most important examples of this satire, is that in the opening lines of Act I scene I. Jonson 's choice of words in Volpone 's speech strengthens the idea in the audience 's minds that this is a man who 's only care is gold. In these lines Volpone says words such as "shrine", "saint", "sacred treasure", "virtue"," honor" ," blessed room" to describe his gold most of which are words that are religious and for Volpone to describe his treasure with these characteristics it is considered to be an act of blasphemy, this is also an example of situational irony as the audience does not expect Volpone to use such words to describe his gold , they think he is praying to god. He orders Mosca to open
"The Shrine"

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