Volstead Act Pros And Cons

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The Volstead Act is commonly known as the War Prohibition Act. This piece of legislation is interesting in it 's beginning, all the way to its appeal in 1933. The Act was introduced in the House of Representatives by Andrew Volstead on June 27, 1919. From there it passed in the House on July 22, 1919.The Senate added an amendment and passed it September 5, 1919. President Woodrow Wilson vetoed it on October 27, 1919. But it was then overridden by the House the same day and by the Senate the next day and became law on October 28, 1919. This beginning was unusual because of the veto from President Wilson. Even though it was vetoed by him, the House of Representatives and Senate passed it with no questions, (The Volstead Act, 2015). What this Act meant to the United State citizens was the making of intoxicating beverages was illegal. Also it contains the regulations of manufacturing, transportation and the sale of alcohol within the United States (Alcohol Prohibition, 2015). From this some states increased the restrictions even further than the Volstead Act. The Act was popular for many years. The citizens followed the rules. The decrease of the use can 't actually be measured because there 's no actual sales numbers to see but the estimate is is about 30% during the first years of the Prohibition. The United States Brewers”…show more content…
The people found ways to have alcohol even in public view of law enforcement like hollow walking canes, hidden rooms in their houses, and false floors in their vehicles to transport it. Some of the problem was that states and federal authorities wouldn 't commit the resources necessary to enforce the Act. For example, the state of Maryland refused to pass any enforcement issue (The Volstead Act, 2015). The Prohibition agents mostly worried about crossing state lines with the alcohol, possibly because it was easiest to patrol. Making the alcohol illegally was called moon-shining because the hard alcohol that was made was called
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