Voltaire's Candide: A French Satire

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Candide by Voltaire is a French Satire about the journeys of Candide who is taught by Professor Pangloss that the world is “the best of all possible worlds”. Francois-Marie Arouet also known as Voltaire was a French Writer, Historian and Philosopher mostly famous for his novel Candide and for attacking all that is wrong with the world, mostly the Catholic Church. One thing that Voltaire attacks in Candide is war and the brutal war actually is. War is definitely a huge problem in the world today and is brutal just like it was a long time ago. One way Voltaire shows the brutality of war is how the Bulgarians trick Candide into joining the military and they accuse him of deserting the military and he is sent to court. The judge decides to have…show more content…
In today’s world people are still falsely accused of things and that shows that not much has changed over all these years. This also shows how inhumane war can be, people treat their enemies like they’re not person. Personally I could never fight in war because I would never be able to shoot a person by choice unless I absolutely had to for self-defense. The main idea in Candide is that everything that happens is for the best or at least that is what Professor Pangloss’ theory is. And in this imperfect world war may happen for the best. My thought on war is that it should not happen unless it is necessary which it may be necessary in this imperfect world but if it does happen then it should not be completely brutal and I know that is hard to stop because wars are just brutal and there is no way to make killing a person not brutal. Voltaire shows the brutality of war very well in the novel Candide and he did a very good job of doing that in a humorous way throughout the novel. Overall I enjoyed reading it and it really made me think about issues in this
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