Voltaire's Candide As A Dystopian Novel

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Candide for many years had been categorized under more than one group. This novel fist published in the enlightenment age which sometimes called the age of reason. This age refers to the period of intellectual movements and the time of advocating mind as a tool to identify reality. To avoid the censorship and authorities, the book was hand out each in Amsterdam, Paris and Geneva. Additionally, these kinds of books could be classified as travelling writings because of its events take place in more than one place. Philosophers also argued that the importance of Candide lays in its philosophical message which is ‘Optimism’. Voltaire who wrote this novel was not believed of the philosophy of Optimism and strongly attacked the supporters…show more content…
If we keep going on reading, we will find many inhuman scenes exemplified in the novel. We found killing, violence, intolerance and sufferings in life.Candide’s misfortune made him passed through many natural disasters. Candide passed by a stream of earthquakes, kidnappings, piracy and deaths. Candide saw the dystopian features were implicated in several situations throughout his adventures such as violation directed to women and tendency to racism. Candide’s misfortune starts when the bulgur army had attacked the castle. Hence he was going to encounter the whole world and start to make his own fortune. His beloved Cunegonde as well suffered a lot either from violence guided to her or her suffers from misfortune. Every step he took he discovered a horrible problem that affect his outlook for the world. So Candide and Cunegonde blamed Pangloss a lot for his meaningless philosophy about the optimism. Pangloss committed to the view that the good always choose the best for the world and God could not do nothing wrong. He also witnessed the story of the old women and how she had been attacked as well when she was
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