Voltaire's Impact On The French And American Revolution

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Valladares 1
Monica Valladares.
Ms. Melvina Touche
Global history 9c

Voltaire (1694,1778) “Man is free at the moment he wishes to be" (Voltaire)

Voltaire was a philosopher,historian and writer who express his thoughts by his writing. He was imprisoned and exile because the way he express from the Catholic Church and the French government. He would write more than 20,000 letters and 2,000 books with free self expression. He would usually talk or criticize about religion, intolerance, and French institutions and governments of his days. Also was one of those persons who will fight for their thoughts and won 't care about the consequences he will still do what he wanted. Voltaire spent his life fighting for freedom of speech and now we can see the change he have made in the hole world.

Locke (1632,1704) "What worries you masters you" ( John locked)

John Locke was a writer and philosopher who would write about what he think the purpose of a government was. He believe that every person had the same natural
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