Voltaire's Satire In Candide

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Voltaire or François-Marie Arouet , mostly known as the author of the satirical novel Candide , is widely cosidered as one of France 's superior Enlightenment writers in the eighteenth century . He was born in 1964 in Paris , he started as one of the leading writers of the enlightenment even though he was also a poet , a philosopher and a pamphlest . Voltaire went to prison twice and spent many years in exile . he was a man of ideas not an admirer of systems , his legacy has been huge as his emphasis was on justice and reason . Voltaire’s philosophical attitudes were strict , he attacked many concepts like colonisation , religion and he also attacked the idea of treating women in an incompetent way as it was popular and most common…show more content…
it narrates the adventures of Candide after he leaves his sanctuary and travels the world learning more about the world around him and the hardship . throughout the novel Voltaire uses parody , sarcasm and euphemism to create the satire . he satirizes a massive variety of subjects from philosophies and points of people’s views to human nature . Voltaire’s attack on religion was shown through this satire , on one hand many people believed that god wanted good things for them and had a purpose for everything that happened but Candide on the other hand sees the world as a distopian place , he thought that it was foolish to belieave that god exists . the religious men steal , the Jew buys women for being a sex slave , no one was good enough . Voltaire also attacks politics and the philosophy of optimism in his satire . One of the most important themes in Candide was the inequality between men and women at the 18th century . he talked about the mistreatment of the female race in the 18th century through the female characters from rape and sexual harassements regardless of their wealth or political situations . the female characters exhibit a complexity in Candide and shows the importance of women in the 18th century . it seems like Voltaire finally gave women a voice to be heard and to show everyone how unfair females were treated back then through this
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