Voltaire's Satire In The Adventures Of Candied

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Voltaire (1694), a French writer who escape to England in (1726) for his political satirical works which criticized the French empire at that time. In England, he was introduced to many members of ‘the literary and scientific elite’ (Fraser, 172). He was well acquainted with Swift’s Gulliver’s Travel. Then he was influenced by Swift’s satiric method of writing and particularly the dystopian.
Voltaire’s practical influence by Swift was embodied in his novel.
Candied was considered as a master piece in European society. Candied was appeared in 1759 in Paris, Cramer, Geneva and Amsterdam. He able to sell as fast as possible before it was banned by censorship. Voltaire did not appear his name on the work. According to” https://www.megaessays.com” candied used a satire to attack politics, religion, philosophy of optimism and the role of women in society was target of his attack.
According to” Candied: Thoughts of Voltaire on Optimism, Philosophy and “The Other” Voltaire surrounds the story of Candied, with his ideas of philosophy and criticisms in a deep satire; and created many encounters with “the other” in light of philosophical thoughts; thus, adventures of Candied turns into a text which reaches beyond the limitation of the age that the novel is written; since the same questions, inquiries and criticisms are not off
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It shows that evil/ bad actions are done by humans so they are the faults of humans. Candied is titled as optimism that represents the theme. This philosophy of optimism in the novella is Pangloss, Caddie’s tutor. Voltaire created the character of Pangloss as comic to prove the invalidity of his philosophy. The optimistic philosophy appeared not only in England but throughout Europe. The definition of optimism defined by three characters: (Shaftesbury, Pope and
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