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It's a pure fact that if there were no chapel volunteers in the prisons settings today, the chaplains wouldn't be able to finish their work effectively. The chapel Volunteers play a significant part in delivering spiritual and religious services for the offenders. However, supervising volunteers is very time consuming for chaplains and requires significant administrative work. At Plainfield Correctional Facility we have what is called "volunteer coordinator." And much of the volunteer coordinator's duties deals with the chapel volunteers. The volunteer coordinator is to teach the volunteers about the facilities policy and procedures, and the safety and securities. The Volunteer Coordinator is to provide each volunteer who enters into the prisons weekly the ability to pass the officers and inter the chapel. Another critical job the Volunteer Coordinator has…show more content…
A Sense of Accomplishment Volunteering isn’t one of the most plush, easy, or glamorous of jobs, but it is one of the most beneficial and up lifting. While no monetary compensation is received, many will tell you that their work and experiences gained as a volunteer were worth way more than any money they could have gotten from another line of work. Think of it like this: volunteering is done on a person’s own accord. It’s taking some time out of your day and helping others. Volunteer work makes us feel good. It builds self-confidence and lifts up the spirits. As many volunteers puts it, “students these days are getting caught up in the number of hours they store up doing something that they don’t care about, and not only is the meaning behind the actions lost, but the charity becomes a chore. So yes, do it, but do what you want to do and because you want to do it.” That couldn’t be truer. It’s crucial to have a strong connection to your volunteer work. Basically, you get out of it what you put into it. This is one of the major reason why volunteering needs to be one that comes from the
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