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I completed 60 hours of observation/volunteering in the public-school system. 40 of the 60 hours were completed at Preston High School in Preston County. 20 of those hours were in a history classroom and the other 20 were in a special education classroom. The final 20 hours completed at a daycare/preschool where I now work called Play Works in Monongalia County. It was very interesting to go to each setting because they were all so different and had a lot of diversity. My supervisors were Mrs. Barker, Ms. Ryan, and Ms. Jess. My experiences with each supervisor was very pleasant and I learned a lot from each experience. They were very helpful in instructing me and giving me the opportunity to work within their classroom. For the entirety of…show more content…
There’s nothing I would change about the kids or teachers, they were all so warm and welcoming. I’m very lucky to have had an amazing opportunity to volunteer at all three sites. Each experience taught me something new and helped me realize just how much I aspire to be a teacher. It was easy to recognize that each teacher in the classrooms I volunteered in truly enjoyed what they do and love being a teacher. I am humbled to have had the opportunity to volunteer in such a positive atmosphere because I know not all places are as exceptionally pleasant as my placements were. The only problem I had during my volunteer experience was at Preston High when I was volunteering for Ms. Ryan. She knew I was volunteering for her on the specific day and when I went into the school to sign in, the secretary had no idea who Ms. Ryan was. Even though Preston High is a very big school and Ms. Ryan was a new teacher there, I think each staff member should at least know who each other are. It can be dangerous to not know all the teachers. Especially if a dangerous civilian walks in claiming to be a teacher but really isn’t. The situation with the secretary was quite awkward and the secretary was not polite but I did eventually get to go where I needed to be. Knowing someone’s name makes you to have more respect for each other and it is also common curtesy. Knowing your staff member’s name also looks respectful when showing a student it is important to know and engage with each

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