Volunteering In High School

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Ever student looks forward to graduation. Senior year is the year most students start planning for their future. Most students senior year is the busiest year they have had since they started high school. Seniors have to fill out college applications, apply for financial aid, take test such as: the ACT and SAT, and most of all, they have to manage their grades. I don 't feel students should be required to volunteer in their communities in order to receive their high school diploma. Volunteering is a great way to experience the real world but its something that should be done by choice. Some people don 't really care for their community because they just want to leave it. They want to find a better future for themselves. No one should be forced to volunteer. Volunteering is suppose to come from the heart. The person that is volunteering should want to make a difference in someone 's life, not be there because they are…show more content…
Volunteering is more than a state of mind, its a life choice. It could open many doors for people who have goals for the future ahead of them. Its a gateway to college, but no sponsor of an organization wants a volunteer who don 't want to be there and does no work. Senior year can be the most stressful year, and making students volunteer knowing they may never have time will only make things more complicated. Some students are hard headed and might not do it anyway. You can 't put a hold on somebody 's future just because they did not want to do something they was not interested in. In order to volunteer, you have to believe and want it for yourself. Volunteering is giving back to something you love, rather than something you want to destroy. It displays your true character and the things you are interested in. Volunteering opens a new chapter in someone 's life. If the person don 't want to be something in life its their decision. In the end, if they worked hard their senior year, volunteering should not determine one
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