Volunteering Observation

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For my observation, I had the privilege of volunteering at East Gadson High School, located in Quincy Florida. During my observation I was able to interview and speak to two young ladies about their lives. I have been observing these students for approximately 3 weeks and I have acquired enough information that I believe is relative to what we have learned in class. For my observation, I would like to focus on chapter 6, Self-Concept, Identity, Ethnicity and Gender. During my time at EGHS, I observed two students from different backgrounds. The first students name is Trentavia Jordan, a sophomore who aspires to become a nurse. She was raised in a single mother household with 4 younger siblings. She walks to school every day and after school she rushes…show more content…
In this case, I believe that Trentavia is in the social self-dimension. This dimension focuses on what others think (Dolgin, 2011, p. 151). She focuses primarily of social status more than focusing on finding who she is. She seems caught up in the act of pleasing others rather than the serious issues regarding her family. Also, it is apparent to see that having low socioeconomic status can decrease the self-esteem of an adolescent. The second student I observed was a junior named Allison Whitehead. She is a cheerleader for EGHS and had both parents in her life. Her parents had three children and she was the middle child. While speaking to her I was able to identify that she was from an authoritative household. Allison had an extremely high self-esteem, it seemed like nothing can bring her down. I asked what she liked about high school and she stated “I really enjoy cheering, not because it’s fun but because everyone looks at me and wants to be my friend.” The junior was very adamant about knowing who she was. There wasn’t a soul that can tell her
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