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Volunteering is what directed me to pursue my career as a social worker. It has always been clear to me and I been volunteering off and on since I was 15 years old. I have continued to volunteer while attending college, with activities with feeding the homeless, helping kids with school, helping build home for people who lost them and more. I enjoyed being part of something great that can improve myself and help someone’s life and make a difference in one’s life as well as my own. In my career as a social worker, I want and will make sure to continue to have these experiences and I believe it will make me a better person. My family has always encouraged me to become great and a better person, and volunteering really fits into my life. As I …show more content…

It is always a god way to support a community and as well meet new people, and help others. I feel that everyone should volunteer because you will gain a lot out of life by helping others. I am glad I got the chance to volunteer, because I felt better about myself knowing that I helped others, and I look forward toward more opportunities like this. I know that my experience as has been a wonderful opportunity to grow as a person, and I have made use of this to the best of my ability. I believed I have matured and gained skills, as well learned lessons about life. . Many people my age do not get the experience similar to this. I learned to clean up my act and mindset. I will continue the service throughout my life and I know that because of my volunteer experience I have benefited, and that these benefits will carry on as I develop and become an adult. Finally, I will continue to volunteer because of it give and what you get out of it. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I came out felling really well. What I got of volunteer over and over is that giving your time and self-back to other, I will be able to bring the experience in my career and help me with college internship or

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