Volupides Death Investigation Narrative

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Volupides Death Investigative Report
My team arrived on the scene at 1:44 am, shortly after my colleagues at the station called me in. The suspect had already been taken into questioning by the station and in her statement she claims that “Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink--he still had the glass in his hand--and I think he’s dead.” My team and I discovered evidence that caused for me to believe that the suspect was not entirely truthful in giving her statement.
Immediately my team found it particularly interesting that the glass cup that the victim had grasped in his hand was still intact. Although it is not an absolute, it is very likely that he did not fall with it, given its pristine condition. We also noted that the rug on the stairway had not shifted. If the victim did fall, it would’ve been highly unlikely that the rug didn’t move from the momentum of his fall. It’s also
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It is unclear if the victim had fallen prior to the suspect’s arrival or if the suspect was there when it happened. When my team arrived on the scene, there was food burning on the stove. It is suspicious since we don’t have a specific time of death for the victim yet and we have not determined if the suspect feasibly could’ve started cooking before the victim’s demise. The victim likely would not have had time before the victim’s death to begin cooking.
The suspect’s statement of the victim being drunk was confirmed in the autopsy. It was also found that the cause of death had been from a wound on the head. There was no blood found on the scene, so he must’ve died of blunt force trauma or internal bleeding, as the autopsy is not fully definitive at the moment. Although it has not been affirmed if the suspect has lied to us, my team does not believe her to be entirely candor with
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