Von Hentig's Theory Of Victimization

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Victimologists are increasingly examining influences that increase individual chances of victimization. For years beginning in 1972 the BSU or Behavioral Science Unit was created to serve the purpose of understanding the influence on accusers and evaluating the victims. Several scientisits have researched models to define victimization and its characteristics. This was done to discover the commodities and the differences in behavior that continuity became targerted as easy assaults or robberies. According to (Burgess, Regehr, & Roberts.2013.pg 80-83). Von Hentig's theory is the role of the victims. He expanded upon the notion of the victim as an agent provocator in a book titled “The Criminal and His Victim.” It is based on psychological,…show more content…
He discovered that victims can be negligent, provocative, and even precipitate victimization. Both criminologist have opposing sides arguing that behavior is inborn with others insisting that it is acquired or learnt through our interaction with the environment we live. For example, a witness domestic crime can be defined as social component to the relationship between two individuals. Hentig is credited as being a founder of the theory of victimology and was the first to suggest that the victim himself is "one of the many causes of crime," reports Stephen Schafer. As a result of Hentig's analysis of victims, he further theorized that there is reciprocality between the criminal and the victim. This is similar to reverse pschology amd reverse crimology. Schafer believed that socially-weak individuals are responsible for his or her…show more content…
Lifestyle and routine activities play an important role in how a person becomes a victim.(Burgess, Regehr, & Roberts.2013.pg78-79).Vicitims put themeselves in dangerous situation by involoving in high risk activities. These activities can be club dancing, repeat jogging at the same park, or as simple as take the same route to work everyday. It creates vunerability and subjects to being prey by revealing predictible where abouts. It is argued that past victims are repeat victims but in reference to Hentig gender, sex, intellect, and strength makes you avaliable for victimization whether the individual was a prior victim or not. On the contrary, crime related events which is non-routine activities can be a diaster. Men and women are self- victimizing themselves when they involve themselves in crime related activities described as smoking and joining gangs. The accused will closely pay attention to repetition and observe females because it gives them a reward to satisfication. The victim shares responsibility, and the offender is reacting to something in the victim’s behavior. For example, the accuser may have been a drug addict or dislike smokers. Regardless of the many different theories of victimology and victimization, such as bullying or social incompetence the purpose is to find as

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