Vons Grocery Store Case Study

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INTRODUCTION: This case involves an unknown suspect stealing items from the Vons Grocery Store in violation of PC 484(a)-Petty Theft. LOCATION: Vons Grocery Store located at 655 N. Fair Oaks Avenue. EVIDENCE: • Video surveillance of the suspects. • Photos of suspect’s vehicle. LOSS: • (7) 12 pack Safeway Fresh soda totaling $41.93 ($5.99 per pack). • (1) Half Gallon of milk, totaling $2.49. INVESTIGATION: On 09-16-16 at 1551 hours, Officer Harrell #3441 and I were dispatched to the Vons Grocery Store located at 655 N. Fair Oaks Avenue regarding a petty theft investigation. Upon my arrival, we met with Witness Store Manager Ryan Clark, who told me the following information in summary: On 09-16-16 at approximately 1342 hours, Clark was standing at cash register #2 assisting Witness Don Mays (store employee). Mays reportedly told Clark that Suspect #1 did not pay for the items inside of the shopping cart he was pushing. Clark turned around and saw the suspect pushing the cart past the cash registers and out of the south doorway.…show more content…
Clark saw the suspect walk east through the parking lot to a vehicle that was backed into a handicap parking spot. The suspect was seen placing the items into the vehicle’s rear trunk. Clark also saw a female White standing at the rear of the vehicle (suspect #2). Clark approached both suspects and identified himself as the Vons Store Manager. Clark asked Suspect #1 if he paid for the items he placed into the trunk. Suspect #1 told Clark that he threw away the receipt. Suspect #1 then told Suspect #2 to get into the vehicle. Clark took photos of the vehicle’s rear license plate (see attached photo). Clark emailed me the photos of the rear license plate

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