Voodoo Queen Informative Speech

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The Story of Marie LaVeau “The Voodoo Queen” Marie LaVeau was one of the most well-known voodoo queen in the 1800s. Voodoo is the most misconceived religion, but with Marie’s supernatural powers that lend toward the scared of evil spirits, answering prayer requests. Marie LaVeau was born on Sept 10, 1794 in New Orleans, LA and was the daughter of Charles Leaveaux, and his slave mistress name Marqurite. Marie was mixed with black, white, and Indian. Some people stated that her father was a rich creole plantation owner. She became married on August 4, 1819 Jacques Paris who was a freed man of color; he soon disappeared once they married. Marie LaVeau was a catholic and also practice voodoo. Later on Marie fell in love with her boyfriend…show more content…
In June 15, 1881 the death of Marie LaVeau was a tragic moment according to the New Orleans new paper Daily Picayune. So after her death, her daughter Marie II took her mother spot as the voodoo queen. Marie II looked just like excepted she was a little lighter, but she was an evil woman according to (Turner p.180) stated that she use to kill babies if their mothers didn’t want them, and hung them up like pigs. She keep a room filled with frog’s eyeballs, rooster blood, and many other weird things. The things were for her voodoo rituals that she performs for people. Marie II was all about the money, she keep her mother “Maison Blanche” were black slave dance for white men at. Individuals thought that she was the real Marie LaVeau, she carried her mother legacy; but she never gained the respect as her mother did. She didn’t have the charisma, and compassion as her mother. She died in June 1897 by downing in Lake Pontchartrain. Many tourists go and visit the graveyard were Marie LaVeau is buried, some people still ask her to grant wishes for them. The myth has it that if you knocked three times, place an X on the grave, and spin around three time your wish is
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