Voodoo Season Character Analysis

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In Jewell Parker Rhodes novel Voodoo Season, we meet our protagonist Marie Levant, she is a medical resident at Charity Hospital in New Orleans. Marie is originally from Chicago but she is lured into the residency New Orleans program for reasons she cannot explain, and for some reason it just feels right to be there. However, from the moment that she arrives to her new home she begins have unexplainable, strange and vivid dreams. Her dreams consist of ritual ceremonies, childbirth, woman being persecuted and seeing herself in an all-white dress with people surrounding her and begging her to heal them. Marie was brought up in the foster care system after finding her dead mothers body on the kitchen floor when she was eight years old. The novel begins with her waking up from one of her bizarre dreams to a…show more content…
Initially in the novel when the victims are arriving to the hospital they assume they are dead. Instead they are not dead they have just been placed in a zombie like state. To clarify, the Voodoo terminology of zombie is a person having no control or will of their own and they are controlled by a powerful practitioner, unless they are revived by a powerful practitioner they can easily be mistaken as dead, the most feared evil in Voodoo is a zombie. Allez had been turning girls into zombies and then selling them off to people that would purchase them. He uses Voodoo for his own self gain and to strike fear into others in order to have followers. Marie’s aunt also uses Voodoo in a bad way because she too is innately evil. She killed her sister out of jealously and rage that Marie Levant, her niece had the gift rather than her daughter Marie-Claire. Her aunt knowingly let her daughter Marie-Claire be a pawn in Allez’s plan of zombification. She embraced the fact of reinforcing devil worshipping, zombification and making the world fear

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