The Living Dead Speech

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They're all different, but one thing is for sure You are not safe when these monsters are around Oh Man, we call these guys Bones. They don't bother us much But they'll eat anything with a heartbeat. Welcome to And today we're counting down the top 10 for zombie types in movies and TV For this list, we'll be looking at all zombies and infected zombie-like representations in film and TV And we'll be picking our favorites based on their iconic and badass status It's a zombie! #10 Voodoo Zombies from "White Zombie" Zombies! The living dead Appropriately starting off our list is what's thought of as the first ever representation of zombies on film Zombies! Yes, they are my servants The work of a voodoo master who goes by the name…show more content…
Berman? That's what keeps them going. In George A. Romero's dead series the dead are reanimated shortly after their demise and all they want to do in the afterlife is feast on human flesh the reason for this infection has never been confirmed but theories suggest it could stem from things like a virus, space radiation, or some sort of penance sent down by god. these zombies shuffle quietly and clumsily but don't underestimate them they'll outlast you in a race any day However as we've all come to learn one thing will down a Romero zombie for good destroy its brain Rescue 7 come in this is dispatch do you copy, over. come in dispatch, send more paramedics if you ever find yourself craving brains you might just fall under this category of zombie thanks to governmental incompetence, toxic gas is released into the air which, of course, reanimates the dead BRAINS But Dan O'Bannen's zombie trope differs significantly from Romero's in several ways Corpses are still able to speak run and function almost as they did when they were alive However O'Bannen's zombies have one objective to eat brains which they say alleviates the pain of being dead He looks to be dead One of the deadlier zombie types on the list These corpses can't even be destroyed by damaging their brain Only by burning their bodies But that makes things worse for the rest of us Sir I
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