Vory V Zkane Character Analysis

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Similarly in eastern Promises, Nikolai undergoes a destruction of his identity due to his efforts for justice against the Vory V Zakone and his persona of criminality. Additionally, this destruction is depicted through paradoxical parasite imagery between Nikolai and Tatiana. Parasite imagery surrounds Tatiana through the baby that is forced unwillingly upon her by the aggression of the mob. Just as a parasite is an organism that feeds upon a host to the host’s detriment, Tatiana’s baby nourishes itself from her body and causes her death when she gives birth to it. Due to the aggressive circumstances from which Tatiana’s baby was created, Nikolai becomes an underground force inside of the Vory V Zakone that actively seeks its destruction through…show more content…
[…] Blasted with ecstasy…” (3.1.151/162). As a result of this innocence and ignorance, Ophelia is easily manipulated by others for their own purposes. An example of this, is when her father, Polonius, sends Ophelia to have an “accidental meeting” with Hamlet in an attempt to understand his sudden change of character, “at such a time I’ll loose my daughter to him…” (2.2.160). Since Ophelia is often not in control of her choices and how she is allowed to interact with others, there is an element of dehumanization which surrounds her. Her father uses her as a tool to accomplish his tasks, and due to this treatment, Ophelia loses the ability to possess a unique identity of her own. This concept of dehumanization is furthered in regards to Ophelia through the imagery of prostitution. References to prostitution in relation to Ophelia are made most prominently by Polonius and Hamlet. The above quotation emphasizes Ophelia’s passivity and powerlessness, she is unable to navigate her father’s desires and it is through this that she is objectified. In a like manner, Hamlet’s usage of prostitution imagery towards Ophelia serves to create a form of irony. Through Hamlet’s “antic disposition” he creates within himself a disconnection. In that, he cannot discern between the aspects of his
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