Voter Id Laws Pros And Cons

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Voter ID laws are two sided, but most Americans feel that it is necessary to prevent voter fraud. Republicans feel that an individual should already have a state ID because this is required by so many government agencies. Unfortunately, the Democrats are the ones to be most likely affected due to their voters’ economic status, disabilities and age. Whereas, Democrats believe that it is a tactic to defer their supporters from voting. Even though voter fraud does occur, it is not as often as one would imagine. Over the years people have implied that “dead people” and illegal immigrants are voting. But according to the Washington Post, “2014 only 31 creditable cases of fraud occurred, which is little to none considering the billion that cast…show more content…
For instant, if I was a Republican this would be a great opportunity to lead in an election. Since most of the people voting Democrat, will possibly be turned away because they were unable to provide the required documentation by law. However, if I was Democrat, this could be considered a hindrance for my supports to vote. I really don’t see the equality of how an individual can be allowed to vote by absentee vote if they are not on active military duty. For instance, college students, who are permitted to vote absentee. This could be an opportunity for a case for fraud, since ID is not required or put in a data for this purpose. By the same token, disabled individual who are registered, should have a representative from the election committee to come their home, sign an affidavit and allow them to cast their vote at that time. Reason being anyone could pretend to be that individual. This should be an issue that concerns both parties. I am not quite sure of any other ways that fraud could be prevented. Furthermore, I do believe that things are not going to get any better, since technology is forever changing and some people becoming more corrupt and wanting to win by any means
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