Voter Participation In Texas Essay

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In my essay I will provide three reasons why I do not believe Texas is operating within a democracy-a political system where the many rule. According to Author Robert Dahl, a democracy should provide opportunities for effective participation, equality in voting and inclusion of adults. There are socioeconomic factors- such ethnicity, education and income which are mentioned by author of our textbook, that impact voter participation.

To begin, let’s look at the role a person ethnicity plays in a democracy. Next, examine the level of education and how it correlates to voting. Last, how income can determine level of participation in a democracy.

A person ethnicity plays a role in voter participation. In a study conducted by Political Intelligence,
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Although Texas government is democratic, the rich and educated make most of the decisions according to Texas politics, 6th Edition. Government-refers to the institutions in which decision are being made that resolve conflicts or allocate benefits and privileges. Institution refers to an ongoing organization that performs certain functions for society. Another report by the National Bureau of Census shows that Texas is in the top 10% of citizens below poverty line. With such wealth inequality in Texas, is no wonder minorities tend to be less involved. Author Robert Dahl; make a great point about effective participation. All members must have equal and effective opportunities for making their view known. PEW Hispanic Center reported that Hispanic household wealth fell by 66% from 2005 to 2009. If we look at elections during the year 2005 and 2009, it will show that there was lower voter turnout than in previous years. I want to make the connection that at the time income fell for minorities; this is the same time that republican Rick Perry was elected Governor of Texas (is the head of the executive branch of Texas government) in 2006. According to Texas Edition, minorities are more liberal and tend to vote

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